Thursday, 26 November 2015 at 16:30

Meeting Room, Hamersley Golf course


1. Welcome by the Captain

2. Apologies: Peter Snow, Ron Logan

3. Number of attendees.24 of the clubs 43 financial members.

4. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 6 November 2014

A/ Copies distributed

 B/ Acceptance of the minutes of last years AGM:

 Moved by  Peter Aitchison   

 Seconded by  Mike Lewis  

 Accepted by the Meeting

5. Captains’ Report –  By Ian Dodds

Captain position in the HHGC .  At the commencement of the HHGC 2014 – 15 year, Harley Bourke was replaced as Captain with Derek Mitchell.  Derek resigned in February 2015 and Bevan Kerr was elected Captain.  In May 2015 Bevan Kerr resigned and Ian Dodds was elected Captain.  Since June we have had a stable team on the Committee.

HHGC constitution.  Bevan Kerr instigated a HHGC Constitution, thus allowing us to separate from the WAGC and be a stand along Golf Club.  Since the constitution came into force all members were required to join the Golf Link Australia, as this gives us insurance whilst playing golf.

Annual Golf Trips for HHGC members.  In 2015 we had only 2 trips around the Mandurah area during the year, both were 1 night stays at Ravenswood Hotel.  We are hoping that more members will join us in 2016 and hopefully increase the number of tours to 3 / annum.

Golf groups on Thursdays.  We have had a steady number of golfers participating in the Thursday golf, between 20 to 26 golfers.  These numbers seem to work well.

Mixed golf Charity Days.  We held 3 mixed charity golf days in 2015.  The 3 ladies golf clubs are all based in Hamersley GC.  The Scarborough Ladies GC join us for the Legacy / RSL day, the Hamersley Ladies GC joined us for the Trigg Island Surf Club charity day and the Seabirds Ladies GC joined us for the Parkinson’s Disease charity day.  Each charity day raised around $400.

Diverse Awards.  We decided mid-year to introduce an A & B Grade division into the awards.  This allowed for a more even spread of ‘awards’ for the members.

Sausage sizzle.  We introduced two sausage sizzles / month, usually held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.

A/ Copies distributed by email

B/ Acceptance of Captains report:

Moved by  Bernie Dwyer   

Seconded  Warren McEvoy   

Accepted by the meeting

6. Treasurer’s Report – Edward hill

Copies Distributed

A/ Presentation of Financial Statements for the period 6 November 2014

to 23 November 2015

B/ Confirmation of HHGC’s membership fees for 2015 -2016.  A $5.00 Annual membership, $50 Golf WA Golf Association and Golf Link combined.

7. Acceptance of Treasures report–

A/ Moved by:   Les Twomey   

B/ Seconded By  Ian Oakley  

Accepted by the Meeting

8. Election of Office Bearers for the  HHGC 2016 Committee

Nominations have been received for the following positions:

A/ Captain - Ian Dodds,      

B/ Nominations from the floor: Mike Lewis by Ian Dodds

Acceptance    Not Accepted

No other nominations received

C/ Vice-Captain   Bernie Dwyer:

No Other nominations received.

D/ Treasurer -  Ian Oakley     

No other nominations received

E/ Secretary -           Edward Hill                 

No other nominations were received, therefore the above persons were duly elected unanimously.

9.   Honorary Positions

     F/ President:   Nominations from the floor   Bernie Smith by Ian Dodds

    Acceptance  Yes


    Seconded   Edward Hill

10. Other Business

A/ Female Membership - Should we introduce Female Membership in the HHGC? (Notice S. Clare)

Vigorous discussion ensued with the result being there was no reason why there could not be female members admitted to the HHGC, however as no female had applied the matter is shelved for the present.

The HHGC plays in conjunction various female clubs during the year

B/ What number of touring trips are desired for 2016?

Note: A large proportion of the clubs funds are normally expended on these away trips.

After discussion it was voted for 2 trips per year with a possible 3rd if enough members were interested at a time to suit.

11. Business without notice


There was no other business so the meeting was closed.at 17:25

Ed Hill HHGC Sec.

Re: HHGC AGM - Minutes 2015