Thursday, 24 November 2016 at 16:30

Meeting Room, Hamersley Golf course


1. Welcome by the Captain

2. Apologies:  Keith Campbell. Warren McEvoy. Ian Oakley. Peter Scott

3. Number of attendees.   31 of the clubs 49 financial members.

4. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 6 November 2015

A/ Copies distributed

 B/ Acceptance of the minutes of last years AGM:

 Moved by  Gus McBriar   

 Seconded by  Les Twomey

 Accepted by the Meeting

5. Captains’ Report –  By Ian Dodds

A/ Copies distributed by email

B/ Acceptance of Captains report:

Moved by  Gordon Russel  

Seconded  Les Twomey   

Accepted by the meeting

6. Treasurer’s Report – Edward hill

Copies Distributed

A/ Presentation of Financial Statements for the period 24 November 2015

to 23 November 2016

B/ Confirmation of HHGC’s membership fees for 2015 -2016.  A $5.00 Annual membership.  $50 Golf WA Golf Association and Golf Link combined.

7. Acceptance of Treasures report–

A/ Moved by:                Robin Dean    

B/ Seconded By  Milan Blazun

Accepted by the Meeting

8. Election of Office Bearers for the  HHGC 2017 Committee

Written nominations in were received for the following positions:

A/ Captain - Stephen Knapp      

B/ Nominations from the floor:  None


No other nominations received

C/ Vice-Captain   Bernie Dwyer:

No Other nominations received.


D/ Treasurer -  Ian Oakley     

No other nominations received


E/ Secretary -           Edward Hill  


No other nominations were received, therefore the above persons were duly elected unanimously.

9.   Honorary Positions

     F/ President:   Bernie Smith by Bill Fielding

    Acceptance  Yes


    Seconded   Gus McBriar

President:    Ian Dodds By Meng Chew

                       Acceptance  Yes

          Seconded   Ron Logan

Nominations from the floor   None.

Vote:                   .Bernie Smith

10. Other Business

A/  A proposal for a club consistency award by Dave Aitchison

This was discussed at length and accepted.  Secretary to implement.

B/ A proposal for an alternative fee and prize distribution by Keith Campbell

This proposal proved to be unpopular and the current way of operating is to be continued.

C/ What number of touring trips are desired for 2016?

Note: A large proportion of the clubs available funds are normally expended on these away trips.

After discussion it was voted for 2 trips per year with a possible  ?????.

11. Business without notice


There was no other business so the meeting was closed.at 17:40

Ed Hill HHGC Sec.

Re: HHGC AGM - Minutes 2016