Hamersley Hackers Golf Club (HHGC) – General Membership Rules

1. HHGC is an affiliated club with Golf WA and Golf Link. To ensure members meet the modern requirements for personal golf insurance, it is essential that Golf Link membership is maintained at all times when playing competitions with HHGC.

2. HHGC encourages new members to join the club at any time subject to the “rules” outlined below. HHGC reserves the right to reject a membership application for any reason. Reasons can vary but the HHGC current membership numbers may be a main reason.  

3. Competition Fees - All members and visitors are required to pay a $10 competition fee for each game. Players need to be present during the presentations in order to collect any “novelty” prizes referred to below.

4. New applicants - If a new applicant already has Golf Link membership, this handicap will be accepted by HHGC. If an applicant does not have a Golf Link membership they are required to play 3 stroke games with designated members of HHGC in a competition event. These cards will be submitted by one of the Tier One handicappers to Golf Link and a base handicap will be established from those scores.

5. New applicants - All new applicants need to play 3 competition games before being eligible to join the HHGC. During this period they are eligible to win any of the “novelty” prizes on offer each week (nearest to pin, longest drive, birdies on Par 3’s, etc.) After membership is granted (and subject to point 6), new members are then also eligible for weekly “money” prizes for the top 4 placegetters and also the front/back 9 holes.

6. New members - All new members are required to pay a $25 once only joining fee on acceptance of their application and completion of 3 rounds. These funds help towards subsidized games at other courses, trips down south etc.

7. New members - For new members without a Golf Link handicap, a $50 affiliation fee is also payable on joining. The HHGC membership renewals are due in February each year and an additional $50 is then payable annually. Note any new member joining from December to February is not required to pay this fee twice.

8. New members - New members with a current Golf Link handicap through another golf club can elect to maintain this membership or alternatively elect to join HHGC as their home club when memberships fall due.

9. Casual visitors - A casual visitor who is accompanied by a member may also join in any competition subject to overall numbers and paying the $10 competition fee. Casual players are eligible for “novelty” prizes, see point 5.

10. All HHGC members - HHGC encourages our members to be active participants in our competitions. To be eligible for the “money” prizes a member needs to have played at least 3 competition rounds in the preceding 12 month period, subject to any medical or other exemption granted by a member of the HHGC Committee.

11. HHGC major competitions – Club Championships, Summer Cup and Winter Cup, a member needs to have played in at least 8 rounds competition rounds in the HHGC in the preceding 12 month period, to be eligible in these major competitions, subject to any medical or other exemption granted by the HHGC Committee.  However he is still eligible for the weekly competition.

12. The HHGC competition for males is usually played on a Thursday.

HHGC Committee of 2016.